Comfort of an old friend

Remember when we believed
life happened on the playground
before our conceptual minds
told us to tone it down
we drew with broken crayons
got into trouble before dinner
now our silver hair is winning
do’s and dont’s are mixing

I use my wishes to see you around
there are towns we need to paint
I know there’s much to touch on
our eyes tinted by sorrows
our souls both carry pain
even so know we know our way
around board games and storybooks

Remember when you cried
when I didn’t come out of hiding
as if I let you lose a friend
pinky promises in the attic
it’s written in our journals
no one gets left behind
team you and I in echoes
the never-forever divided

Four faded paper handprints
are stuck on the kitchen door
our story still has commas
our dreams became adults
every bit of us still fits
how could we stop caring
hold the door when I forget
what I’m missing out on

Β© Monique (starfish_72)


Gepubliceerd door

Monique's Notebook

Poetry mainly - I play with my creative freedom.

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