I am here
my current conditions
no strategies to live
a quiet art of gasping
pretending not to be afraid
at the waiting – the unknown
my dented ego and most
of my concepts return to air
to a soft willing surrender
less tyrannized by appearances
having to be that one certain way
I am befriending it slowly
but it can feel strange

The given unshaped mystical
that I look for it in metaphors
spices me and makes me tremble
the thought of rules evaporating
makes me wheeze and how
will I get there with tight lungs
my arm locks in yours to feel stronger
when we reach the doors
can we discuss which paths lead to hope
split seconds of freedom
uncover the ample unprompted
(in)security in being how it is

I’ve shared my life’s belonging
with like-minded people
we threw everything together
and picked up what presented itself
we meet and drift and meet
many souls feel just as alone in this
few know the way and others pretend to

© Monique (starfish_72)


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Monique's Notebook

Poetry mainly - I play with my creative freedom.

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